Understanding Tawtheeq

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Tawtheeq explained

Are you new to Abu Dhabi? Maybe you’ve been here a while and want a new apartment, or perhaps you're looking to upgrade to life in a villa. Whatever your circumstances, if you're moving to a new property, this page is for you. It's all about Tawtheeq, the city's register for tenancy contracts, and it's here to help you make a smart move.

Who it helps

The system applies to anyone involved in renting a property within Abu Dhabi city or surrounding areas, and is in place to protect and support both parties. Property owners and management companies in the catchment zone are required by law to register their tenancy contract with Tawtheeq. If you're a tenant, once your tenancy is legally registered, we'll set up your water and electricity accounts for you. If you're not registered, you'll need to provide other evidence of your property tenancy or ownership, and in some cases we may not be able to connect your water and electricity.

The system

Tawtheeq uses cutting-edge technology to simplify the rental process and make it easier for landlords and tenants to deal with each other. Its main aim is to regulate the local real estate market by keeping accurate data on properties and recording all tenancy agreements. The information that's collected forms an up-to-date database to produce official statistics and local industry reports.

Register and let us take care of things

A standard format for tenancy contracts is now in place to keeps things simple and fair, so there's no hidden small print to worry about. Also, a regulated market, which records all rental transactions, makes it harder for landlords to illegally rent unauthorised or sub-divided property to unsuspecting tenants. And everyone can now get current information about what's happening in the local rental market, which helps to control rents.

The system saves everyone concerned time and effort too, as our systems are linked. Once you're registered with Tawtheeq, your water and electricity accounts with ADDC will be set up for you so there's no need to send us a separate moving in application, it's as simple as that.

How to register

Click the link for more information about how to set up Tawtheeq. If you prefer to register in person, you can visit the Customer Service Centre at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City (Head Office), or one of the Municipality's affiliated external centres or customer service outlets.

e.g +9715xxxxxxxx