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Getting you connected

Who we are

Here at ADDC we’re serious about service. For most businesses operating in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding areas, it’s our job to keep your water and electricity flowing. We work closely with the Department Of Energy and its subsidiaries, to make sure we always give you the highest standards of service. What’s more, we’re accountable to the Department Of Energy (DoE), the independent regulator for the region’s water, wastewater and electricity sector. They’re responsible for looking after the interests of customers and ensuring our services are always safe and efficient.

Before you start

For most businesses that rent commercial property within Abu Dhabi city or surrounding areas, getting your water and electricity connected couldn’t be easier.

When you register your rental agreement with Tawtheeq, the city’s tenancy contract register, your water and electricity accounts will be set up for you. This means you don’t need to send us a separate connection request. What’s more, you can easily manage the ADDC services for your business by activating your online account below.


If you’ve recently purchased your commercial property, or you’re a business tenant operating outside of the area covered by Tawtheeq, you’ll need to complete a move in application to begin receiving water and electricity.

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Business types

Every business operating in the emirate is classified under one of the following categories:

  • Government – Government departments only.
  • Commercial – All commercial enterprises, including those that are government-owned.
  • Agricultural – Private, non-commercial farms and ranches.
  • Industrial – Divided into those with below 1MW of connected load and those above.


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