Understanding Mawaqif


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Mawaqif explained

The Mawaqif parking management system was introduced to ease parking problems in the busier parts of Abu Dhabi and has now spread to many other areas of the city.

Parking areas

A system of coloured kerbstones lets drivers know which roads they will have to pay to park in, and also how much they will have to pay. Mawaqif charges are divided into two types: turquoise and white kerbstones are for Premium Parking, with turquoise and black for Standard. It is against the law to park beside yellow or grey coloured kerbstones.

Fees and charging times

Parking charges apply between set hours and drivers can pay at roadside meters with either coins or by using a prepaid card, which are available at all of the Mawaqif Customer Service Centres. Payment can also be made using your mobile phone or through your Mawaqif account. Premium parking areas charge a higher fee than standard zones.

Resident parking permits

Resident permits are available to owners, their tenants or close relatives living in paid parking areas. A maximum of two permits are available for each property, which only allows vehicles to park in the same sector in which the property is located.

Mawaqif charges an annual fee to issue Resident Parking Permits. The permit doesn’t reserve a parking space for the holder, but it allows them to use an available space in the Standard Parking areas of the stated zone without having to pay at the roadside meters

To apply for a resident permit, you’ll need a copy of your passport with valid residency visa (for non-nationals), your tenancy contract or proof you are the property owner, your last electricity bill, and proof that you own the vehicle; or proof you are related to the tenant or owner, if your name is not on the tenancy contract.

You will also need to provide the Department of Transport with a letter from our Customer Services Division, to prove you are the account holder at your property and that it is not showing any outstanding balance. To apply for a letter from ADDC, click below.


Please check the Mawaqif website for the latest news, charges and information about Mawaqif.