Save water outside your home

 Content Editor

In our dry, sunny climate, we cheat the heat by using a lot of water to keep the garden blooming, make the car gleam and to practice backstroke in the pool. But, it’s just as easy to enjoy life outside while using less water; change the way you do things by trying a few of our tips on how to save water.

In the garden

Tending to your garden doesn’t have to mean huge water bills; you can cut down the amount you use with a few easy fixes. Start by fitting a spray or drip, which limits the flow of water to your plants. You could also install a water barrel in the garden, to collect wastewater from the bath and sink for recycling. If you use a sprinkler, adjust it so the spray only hits your lawn and isn’t wasted on your garden furniture or the neighbours’ washing that’s hanging out to dry.

Our desert climate is very harsh, so if you’re thinking of redesigning your garden try to plant drought-resistant grasses, along with plants and shrubs that thrive on less water. Also, adding a layer of compost or bark around trees and bigger plants will help to retain moisture, and it keeps weeds down, too. Alternatively, you could reduce your lawn area, and your water needs, by creating a paved terrace.

In the garage

It’s time to say no to your hosepipe. Yes, it’s really easy to just pick it up and spray away, and you’ve probably always used it to clean the car. But, a hosepipe wastes a lot of water so learn to wash your vehicles using a bucket or two instead; and use a broom to clean the driveways and paved areas, rather than hosing them down.

Check for leaks in hoses, taps and couplings, to make sure they connect securely and don’t dribble or spray water where they shouldn’t.

In the pool

Swimming pools use large amounts of water, but your pool doesn’t need to be full to the top. By lowering the fill level, you’ll use less water and also reduce the loss when you and your family are splashing about.

Putting a cover over your pool will shade it from the sun and reduce evaporation – it can reduce water loss by as much as 95% on hot afternoons, when the water is at its warmest. A great way to provide cover for your pool is by landscaping the trees and plants around it, to provide a natural sunshade.

Drain your pool only when necessary. If it’s maintained properly, it should only need to be emptied every 3-7 years. Also, make sure the pool isn’t draining itself; check the pool walls and the drainage system to make sure there are no leeks: look out for saturated soil near the pool, pump or plumbing and check for leaking pipes or valves, loose tiles or cracks.