Guaranteed service standards


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Watching our performance

As well as providing you with water and electricity, we also want to make sure that any contact you have with us is straightforward and successful. So whether you’re setting up a new account, arranging regular payments or just checking your bill, we make every effort to keep things simple.

Our performance is closely monitored, and we conduct our business within the strict framework outlined by the the Department of Energy (DoE), the independent regulator for the region’s water, wastewater and electricity sector.

What to do when things go wrong

If you’re unhappy about any aspect of our service, we want to know about it so we can try and put it right. So, the first thing to do if things go wrong is contact us. We need all of the important details, such as dates and the nature of the issue, as soon as possible. We can then look into the problem and try to sort it out to your satisfaction.

If, having contacted us you still feel we haven’t met the level of service you expect, as outlined in the DoE’s Guaranteed Service Standards, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Guaranteed Service Standards

The DoE has set some guaranteed standards of service that water and electricity distribution companies operating in Abu Dhabi must follow. These help distribution companies, like us, offer customers, like you, a high level of service and comply with environmental, health and safety standards at all times.

In short, we have a duty to:

  • Physically connect your new residential property to our network within 43 days of your request.
  • Respond straight away to your account enquiries, where possible, and resolve more serious complaints within 15 days.
  • Offer you an appointment within 3 hours of your request, giving you 24 hours notice if we need to cancel.
  • Give you 2 days notice of a planned interruption to your service.
  • Reconnect you within 3 hours of the outstanding amount being settled, if you’ve been disconnected for non-payment of bills, or by 10.30 the following morning if the payment is made late in the day.
  • Let you know within 15 days of any amount due to you under these guaranteed standards.
  • Restore your electricity within 6 hours of your request, if one of our own fuses fails.
  • Restore your supply within 24 hours of us becoming aware of a fault in our own network.
  • Investigate and report back to you within 24 hours, when a complaint is made about the poor quality of the water supplied to you at the connection point to the network.
  • Investigate and explain any disputed meter reading within 8 to 16 days; depending on whether a site visit is needed.

For further details you can read the Guaranteed Service Standards document online. If you need more information about the DoE, click the link to visit their website.