Critical care customers

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Critical care registration

It’s our responsibility to make sure that customers with special needs are looked after properly. If you’re an individual or an establishment with critical care status, where a disruption to your power supply could put you or others at risk, you need to register with us. Once you’re registered, we’ll make every effort to see that your supply isn’t disconnected unnecessarily. We’ll notify you in advance of planned outages for maintenance work, and also provide backup power so that unplanned outages don’t put anyone in danger.

If you’re an individual

To register, you’ll need to provide us with documentary evidence of your critical status, such as a hospital letter certified by Health Authority - Abu Dhabi, so we can review your case. Once we’ve looked at your situation we will notify you of the outcome.

Establishments with special needs

Hospitals, healthcare clinics and other establishments with special requirements, should notify us immediately of their need for an uninterrupted power supply. We will require documentary evidence of your critical status to review your application; once we’ve looked at your situation we’ll notify you of the outcome.

Call our support team on 800 2332 or contact us by email at to register with us.