Caring for the community

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Connecting with people

Looking to the future, it’s important that large-scale companies like us build strong links with the communities we touch. These neighbourhoods house our future employees, our future business partners, as well as our future customers; we have the opportunity to make a difference to their lives.

Caring for the community

Our involvement in community activities touches most aspects of local life, including social functions, sports sessions, training courses, education seminars, and even cultural and artistic events.

Over the years our support has included holding mass marriage campaigns for people with special needs; joining with Al Ittihad newspaper to distribute over 42,000 copies of the Holy Quran on CD; and we’ve even organised a trip for people with special needs to experience the wonder of Disneyland in Paris.

As well as sponsoring our own community initiatives, ADPC also proudly supports the work of organisations like the UAE Red Crescent Authority, who do so much to help people in need, both on a local and an international level.

Leading the way

When it comes to business, new start-ups have to start somewhere. That’s why ADPC has joined forces with UAE University to create the Emirates Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ECIE), with the aim of encouraging a spirit of enterprise and innovation within the country.

The centre is a place where the entrepreneurs of the future can develop their ideas and obtain the skills necessary to run a successful venture. A system of training and mentoring allows UAE national women to attend seminars, workshops and conferences. Candidates get the opportunity to meet with industry leaders, consultants and academics to help and advise them on all aspects of evolving an idea into a business. Initiatives like this one are good for the individuals involved, but also benefit the emirate and the country, too. They help to encourage new ideas, which create new jobs and make our economy more diverse.

Making a difference

Of course, it’s not only new business ideas that are important to us. We’re great believers in training and education to support jobs in the existing economy too, which is why ADPC sponsors a scholarship programme to encourage UAE Nationals to study at university for degrees and other qualifications.

We are also involved with helping to educate school children, with initiatives like donating 600 computers to educational institutions to meet the development needs of students, and providing computer training courses on ICDL (a global standard for computer skills) for around 2000 secondary students in the Al Ain educational area.