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Our connection charges

On this page you will find a breakdown of our fees to connect new water and electricity supply points to the ADDC network. The rates shown apply to new builds and renovated properties only and do not apply to properties that have an existing physical connection to our network.

Connection fees for electricity

For an electrical connections up to 5,001 kW our fees are charged by the kW, and increase in increments based on the maximum load required by the customer:

1 - 100 kW                AED 50.00 / kW
101-500 kW              AED 150.00 / kW
501- 1,000 kW          AED 200.00 / kW
1,001- 5,000 kW       AED 250.00 / kW

The above rates are applied in progressive stages:


For a total requirement of 250 kW, the fee is applicable as follows:

100 kW @ AED 50.00      = AED 5,000
150 kW @ AED 150.00    = AED 22,500
Total fee                           = AED 27,500

For connections up to 5,000 kW, ADDC will provide the infrastructure required to connect to our network, which will be included in the above fees.

For connections over 5,001 kW the customer is responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure to connect to our network (transformer, sub station, etc.), so a lower rate for each kW applies.

5,001 kW and above                 AED  50.00 / kW


6,000 kW @ AED 50.00     = AED 300,000
Total fee                              = AED 300,000

Connection fees for water

The amount you’re required to pay for connecting your water supply depends on a number of factors, such as whether the meter is internal or external to the building, and who was responsible for installing the meter, the customer or ADDC.

Water Connection Fees (AED)

Size A B C D
Buildings with Internal Meters Providing and Installing Meter Buildings with External Meters Installing Water Meter Only
15 mm 2,000 300 A+B 100
20 mm 3,000 300 A+B 100
25 mm 4,000 300 A+B 100
40 mm 6,000 1,200 A+B 150
50 mm 8,500 1,200 A+B 150
80 mm 15,000 10,200 A+B 500
100 mm 30,000 12,000 A+B 600
150 mm 40,000 15,000 A+B 600
200 mm 50,000 20,000 A+B 600
250 mm 60,000 25,000 A+B 800
300 mm 70,000 30,000 A+B 1,100

* Consumer shall construct meter valve chamber or provide & install water meter box

Notes on water connection fees

  • The above connection fees don’t include charges for any civil works associated with the connection process: construction of connection chamber, excavations, laying of PVC sleeve from ADDC water main to the chamber or provision of a water meter box.
  • Column A. represents the connection fees for commercial buildings where the water meters, provided by the consumer, are internally installed in respective building floors or at the roof, in line with ADDC requirements.
  • Column B. shows the fees for ADDC to provide and install water meters.
  • Column D. shows the installation fees where the customer provides the water meter, who is then required to construct the meter chamber or provide and install the meter box in line with ADDC requirements.
  • Column C. lists the connection fees for buildings with external meter(s) only, such as villas, schools, public utilities and other similar buildings.
  • Connection fees include the provision of a polyethylene pipe (LDPE) of 20 m long only, per connection. If the length between the ADDC main and valve chamber for such a connection exceeds 20 m, the following additional fees apply for each additional meter:
  • 15mm AED 10.00
    20mm AED 15.00
    25mm AED 20.00
    40mm AED 25.00
    50mm AED 30.00
    For sizes 80-300 mm, calculations are based on "actual cost of the line plus 20% technical supervision".

If you have any questions regarding electricity or water connection charges please call our support team on 800 2332 or contact us by email at any time.

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