Application for Shifting Electricity Services Quotation


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Service Description
  • Service Code/Number: ADDC.30
  • Service Category: Transfer and removal of electricity services

A service to issue a quotation for transfer of ADDC's electrical services and assets in conflict with the plot of the customer to obtain his approval on the initial price before executing the work on the site according to the applicable agreements and procedures of the company and the approvals of other government agencies. The beneficiary categories of this service are: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Governmental.

Channels For Obtaining The Service

Traditional Channels

Service Centres
Contact Centre
Telephone Calls

Digital Channels

Required Documents
  1. Site Plan.
  2. Affection Plan issued by Abu Dhabi Municipality.
Steps To Obtain The Service
  1. Submit the application via available channels.
  2. Review the application by the competent staff.
  3. Issue the quotation.
  4. Close the application.
Required Fees free
Relevance To Other Services
Categories Of Customers

Number Of Visits