Application for Temporary Connection for Condolence Tent


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Service Description
  • Service Code/Number: ADDC.28
  • Service Category: Extension and connection of electricity services

A service to request a temporary connection for Condolence tent through contact center and transfer to Low Voltage Network Management Department to take the necessary action for AD Island & Eastern Region or transfer to Western Region Department for Al Dhafra Area.

Channels For Obtaining The Service

Traditional Channels

Service Centres
Contact Centre
Telephone Calls

Digital Channels

Required Documents N/A
Steps To Obtain The Service
  1. Submit the application with the required data through the call center.
  2. Open the application in system to transfer the application to the operation and maintenance Directorate.
  3. Visit the site to determine the source of the feed and inspect the power distribution board and cable of the tent.
  4. Connect and feed the cable of tent.
  5. Disconnect the supply & close the application after three days.
Required Fees N/A
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