Application for Internal Electricity Drawings Approval


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Service Description
  • Service Code/Number: ADDC.21
  • Service Category: Extension and connection of electricity services

A service to review the internal wiring shop drawings to ensure their conformity with the specifications and standards of Regulation and supervision Bureau and ADDC. The beneficiary categories of this service are residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Governmental.

Channels For Obtaining The Service

Traditional Channels

Service Centres
Contact Centre
Telephone Calls

Digital Channels

Required Documents
  1. Electricity contractor contract authenticated by Ministry of Labor.
  2. Land Plan.
  3. Electrical wiring diagram.
  4. Table of details of electrical loads.
  5. Copy of architectural schemes approval.
  6. Approved plan of Electrical room or transformer.
  7. Proposed civil works plan.
  8. Electrical meters table.
  9. Floor plans for projects having internal meters only.
Steps To Obtain The Service
  1. Submit application via available channels.
  2. Review the application by the competent staff.
  3. Reply to application with approval or rejection.
  4. Close the application.
Required Fees
  1. Less than or equal to 500 kW - 250 DHS
  2. More than 500 kW - 500 DHS
Relevance To Other Services
Categories Of Customers

Number Of Visits
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