Application for Adding New Account to Payee


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Service Description
  • Service Code/Number: ADDC.45
  • Service Category: Account Management and Bills

A service to determine the payee code to add accounts from the main statement construct ID in order to facilitate payment to Governmental and commercial entities and VIPs. The beneficiary categories of this service are: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Governmental.

Channels For Obtaining The Service

Traditional Channels

Service Centres
Contact Centre
Telephone Calls

Digital Channels

Required Documents
  1. Letter from concerned authority requesting addition of accounts to the main payee code.
  2. An active account number of concerned authority.
  3. Register for Direct Debit service.
  4. The required deposit amount submitted for the customer account class registered with.
Steps To Obtain The Service
  1. Submit the application via available channels.
  2. Review and approve application.
  3. Link the account in the statement of account.
Required Fees Free.
Relevance To Other Services
Categories Of Customers

Number Of Visits