Direct Debit Payment Service

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Service Description
  • Service Code/Number: ADDC.84
  • Service Category: Account Management and Bills

This service will be used for customers who have registered for Direct debit services by directly debiting the outstanding amount from the customer's bank accounts whenever the bill is generated for the account. The service is available for all customer classes (Residential, Agriculture, Industrial, Commercial, and Government).

Channels For Obtaining The Service

Traditional Channels

Service Centres
Contact Centre
Telephone Calls

Digital Channels

Required Documents
  1. Active Direct Debit Service
Steps To Obtain The Service
  1. Backend service for registered users for Direct debit
  2. Issue customer w/e bill through Abu Dhabi Distribution Company
  3. ADDC sends data to the banks and the Central Bank for approval
  4. If the payment fails, the customer will be contacted through contact centre, and re-try payment again after a certain period of time
  5. Deduction of the amount due from the customer bank account after approval
  6. Notify the customer
Required Fees Free.
Relevance To Other Services
Categories Of Customers

Number Of Visits
Service Performance Indicators