Planned disruptions to your power and water supply

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Getting a reliable supply of water and electricity to our customers is no easy business. Our continued success relies on our team’s ability to build, operate and safely maintain our vast distribution network and its many assets.

It’s a huge task, which requires our engineers to plan all inspection and repair work carefully so that maintenance disruptions don’t disturb our customers any more than is necessary.

We have a commitment to give you at least 2 days notice of any planned interruption to your services, either by posting a notice at your building, sending an SMS, or an email to your registered contact address.

Critical care registration

If you are a customer with special needs, where a disruption to your power supply could put you at risk, you need to alert us about your critical care status. Once you’re registered with ADDC, we will not cut off your supply and we will provide you with backup power so that necessary maintenance or power outages don’t put you in any danger.

To register, you’ll need to provide us with documentary evidence of your critical status, such as a hospital letter certified by Abu Dhabi Health Authority, so we can review your case. Once we’ve looked at your situation we will notify you of the outcome.

Establishments - such as hospitals or healthcare clinics - should also notify us about their need for an uninterrupted power supply.

Call our support team on 800 2332 or contact us by email at to register with us.

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