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Materials for auction

At certain times throughout the year ADDC hold auctions to sell surplus and scrap materials. All auctions that are due to take place are listed here, along with details of where and when you can inspect the goods on sale beforehand. Bookmark this page and check back here regularly for notice of our auction dates and the lots available.

If you wish to bid on any item, you’ll need to collect the relevant bid documents from ADDC Finance Department during normal office hours (8:00-14:00). A non-refundable fee is required, along with a bid deposit in the form of a bank letter of guarantee or a certified bank cheque. Offers with a personal cheque will be disqualified from the bid process.

All bids must be received before the stated closing date, along with the relevant fee and deposit, in a sealed waxed envelope. Your bid proposal must be completed strictly in-line with the instructions stated in the bid document; any opened or unsealed envelopes will be rejected.

You should address your proposal to “ADDC – Fixed Assets Committee” with the bid reference number and your company name clearly stated on the envelope. Bids must be dropped into the ADDC Auction Box, located on the ground floor of our Al Falah Street, head office in Abu Dhabi, or as directed on the bid document.

Auction announcements

The following auctions are currently open to receive your bids: