Safety rules

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Our target is ZERO harm

Our HSE Golden Rules are designed to keep everyone safe and sound; we expect all of our employees, contractors and consultants to learn them and follow them to the letter. It’s your duty to become familiar with these rules and to carry them through into your working life.

We are committed to our ZERO HARM policy, which has the following core values:

Commitment to the viewpoint that believes any accident or injury at work is unacceptable.

Empowerment for employees to identify, report and prevent unsafe behaviour or practices.

Teamwork to support each other in making our zero-harm’ vision a reality.

Accountability of employees to look after the safety of their colleagues and stakeholders, at all times.

The 15 Golden Rules that keep us all safe

  • Never approach or touch electrical equipment if you’re not authorised.
  • Always isolate, discharge stored energy, lock and tag electrical equipment when working on it.
  • Verify “ZERO” status before issuing a safety document.
  • Identify, evaluate and control all risks in the workplace.
  • Obtain a valid safety document when required to work on, or near, electrical equipment.
  • Obtain the correct authorisation before defeating interlocks.
  • Obey safety clearances when working near live electrical equipment.
  • Always wear personnel protective equipment (PPE) on site; it’s compulsory at all times.
  • Obtain a valid safety document before excavating.
  • Competent staff are authorised to prevent and correct any unsafe behaviour or practices, and report such incidents immediately.
  • Obey the NO SMOKING signs in designated areas.
  • Always wear a seat belt when travelling in a moving vehicle.
  • Never use a mobile phone when driving and keep within the speed limits.
  • Do not drive or work when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Keep your workplace clean, tidy and safe at all times.


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