Our HSEQ incentives

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The benefits of practicing our Golden Rules

We consider our Golden Rules to be such a central part of our operation that we’ve created an HSEQ incentive scheme. It’s designed to encourage our employees and partners to bring the rules into every part of their working life, making us all safer as a result.

Awards are presented each year to ADDC staff members and business partners who demonstrate their commitment to HSEQ excellence, both in their attitude and in their practical approach to safe practices in the workplace.

There are 5 categories in the programme:

  • Annual Appreciation Award - function level
  • Annual Achievement Award - employee level
  • Annual Innovation Award
  • Annual Best IMS coordinator and IMS Supporting Team
  • Annual Partners Award.

You can download more information about the scheme below, or speak to our HR department for more details.


When disciplinary action is needed

We’re determined to make sure that ADDC employees, partners and members of the general public are not put at risk. So if we discover any actions or attitudes that go against our Golden Rules, we take it very seriously.

Anyone working with us that’s found to have broken one or more of our 15 safety rules will face the prospect of disciplinary action that could lead to dismissal. You can read our disciplinary policy below or speak to the HR department if you have any concerns.


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