Critical care customers


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Services to Special Customers

That's why we created Special Services to serve you better

At ADDC, we care about the wellbeing of each and every customer. That's why we have a number of Special Services that are designed for people with special needs; ensuring independence, integration and a convenient customer experience.

Special Services for People with Special Needs:

At our branches*:

Priority Queue

In our service centers, we will offer you a ticket for the priority queue for a smooth process. Rest assured that our staff are trained to support your every need.

Dedicated Seating Area

The dedicated seating area is designed to provide an adequate environment to rest while we serve you.

Wheelchair Access

Ramp entrances ensure our service centers are accessible to everyone.

Dedicated Parking Area

You'll find dedicated parking spots near the entrance that ensure quick access and convenience.

*Please note that some of the services mentioned above may not be available in all our branches or all the time.

Services for Critical Care Needs:

Critical Care Registration

It is our responsibility to ensure that the service we provide supports any health requirements you may have If you are an individual with a critical care status, where a disruption to your water and power supply could put you or others at risk, please register with us.

Once you have registered, we will make every effort to see that your supply is not disrupted. We will notify you in advance of planned outages for maintenance work. Also, we will provide you with backup power (generator), so that any unplanned power and water outages do not pose a risk or put anyone in danger.

You will need to provide us with documentary evidence of your critical status, such as a hospital letter certified by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, so we can review your case. Once we've looked at your situation, we shall notify you of the outcome.

Call our toll-free number on 800 2332 or contact us by email at to register with us.

Apply for Life Support/Critical Care

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