Self-service utility bill payment services in Abu Dhabi
The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC), an entity of Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA), in association with NCR Corporation, has recently completed the installation of the NCR SelfServTM Bill Payment kiosk solution designed to offer top-up and bill payment services to ADDC customers in strategic locations in Abu-Dhabi.

The NCR SelfServ Bill Payment kiosk solution modernizes traditional payment transactions. Using an intuitive touchscreen interface, the solution enables ADDC customers to expedite payment of their electricity and water bills without staff assistance, thus allowing them to complete transactions in a simple and time saving manner. The kiosks also help free staff to drive increased sales and attend to more customers.

The solution implemented consists of a hardware platform being the NCR SelfServ 70 kiosk, an application customized to fulfill ADDC requirements, as well as a central server, owned by ADDC, which manages all the transactions collected by the kiosks. This server interfaces with ADDC’s back-end systems for data retrieval and updating.

The three-stage project commenced last January with the installation of six bill payment kiosks in three of ADDC's customer services branches for a three-month pilot phase. The pilot was very successful as each of the installed kiosks processed an average of 300 transactions daily. Three customer services sites, Madinat Zayed, Mussaffah and Bani Yas, were selected because of their strategic location and significant customer base.

The project's second phase features the installation of an additional 14 NCR SelfServ bill payment kiosks in different shopping malls and petrol stations across Abu Dhabi city starting this month.
Eng. Mohammed bin Jaresh, ADDC Managing Director said; "This project came in response to the directives of the Abu Dhabi Government for making use of all e-government applications".

The new payment mechanisms that include, besides the e-payment NCR SelfServ kiosks, the company's website (, the Abu Dhabi Government e-gate (, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) by dialing toll-free on 8002332, and a number of registered banks and money exchange companies and Empost offices across the country. Bin Jarsh added; "ADDC is encouraging its customers to opt for the newly introduced non-branch utility bills payment systems because of being hassle-free, flexible, time saving and decrease foot-traffic and queue time in ADDC’s 16 customer services centers".